Tips for Cleaning Fish Tanks

There are many ways to clean a fish tank. Aquarium cleaning is the single most important aquarium maintenance task that must always be completed. There are a few supplies needed for cleaning a fish tank, such as:

  • Algae scraper,
  • Razor blade (plastic blade for acrylic tanks)
  • Bleach
  • Water siphon
  • Bucket
  • Lime remover/glass cleaner (made for aquariums)
  • Filter media
  • Filter brush
  • Disposable cloth rag
  • Paper towels

Most experts recommend cleaning fish tanks in the following order:

  1. Inside the Fish tank Glass
  2. Aquarium Decorations – Rocks, Plants, and Ornaments
  3. Gravel
  4. Outside Aquarium Glass
  5. Light Fixtures and Heaters
  6. Filter

This method ensures that everything needed has been completed to properly clean the aquarium. The fish will return to a fish tank that is like new, thanks to careful aquarium maintenance.

Another helpful tip is that fish owners should not empty the tank and clean from scratch. There are bacteria beneficial to eliminating wastes inside the tank that would be lost. Therefore, this is not recommended unless the fish tank is in serious disrepair. To keep a freshwater or saltwater tank in good shape, make sure to scrape the glass on a weekly basis, clean the filter monthly, clean any accessories as soon as there are algae on them, and vacuum the gravel when the water is changed.