Deciding on Saltwater Fish Tanks vs. Freshwater Fish Tanks Requires Information – Get that Info Here

When choosing a fish tank, one of the first question to be asked is whether to have a saltwater aquarium or freshwater; marine aquatics is here to provide information to help with this choice. Freshwater is the choice for a fish owner that has less experience and wants all the beauty of a fish tank with the least amount of time invested into upkeep. It is recommended to own a freshwater tank and get used to caring for fish before attempting to own and maintain a saltwater ecosystem. Saltwater tanks can be much more expensive and they require a much higher commitment of time, due to the complexity of maintaining a saltwater environment.

A saltwater fish tank can come in a few varieties, which are: fish only, fish only with live rock, and a reef tank. Fish only can be on of the hardest, despite being the least expensive, to start because of the need to have the nitrogen content correct for fish. A reef tank can be the most involved because of the need for exceptional water conditions, expensive lighting setups, and top quality filtration. Fish only with live rock (FOWLR) are the middle of the price spectrum and can be the most accessible for entry level saltwater tank ownership. Saltwater fish tanks can be expensive but extremely beautiful and teeming with life besides fish and therefore very rewarding. While it is not recommended for the novice fish owner, a saltwater tank can be a great step up for a longtime freshwater fish tank owner.

Freshwater fish tanks have a much lower barrier to entry in terms or cost and upkeep. While many people assume that a freshwater tank cannot be as beautiful as their saltwater counterparts, this is not always the case. While beautiful fish will always be more expensive, there are some extremely beautiful freshwater fish. The cost of a freshwater tank setup can usually be as cheap as half of a FOWLR setup and up to a fifth as expensive at an entry level reef tank. Freshwater aquariums simplify some of the processes that are performed the most often, like changing water or even getting the fish to eat.

Whether choosing to get a first freshwater tank or are an experienced owner upgrading to a large reef tank; fish ownership can be a great hobby and be a beautiful addition to your house. No matter what the case may be, remember to get all the information possible, so that success is the end result.